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For those who still do not know what are the technical indicators, candles and currency pairs I recommend start the reading from the first article of the series - Simple Moving Статистика торговые роботы. And we will cut to the chase.

By the way, the break was partly due to the fact that I felt a pressing need to deal with the exponential smoothing, which resulted in the creation скользящее среднее онлайн three articles - Exponential smoothingDouble exponential smoothing and Triple exponential smoothing. Now I feel quite savvy in theory, скользящее среднее онлайн tell, and, as usual, to calculate Exponential Moving Average.

Last time I wrote about Weighted moving average.

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It was devised so the latest data has a great influence on the result of averaging. That is, so the indicator has been more sensitive to the unexpected reversals in the trend.

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The exponential moving average also uses this principle. The exponential скользящее среднее онлайн method itself was invented a скользящее среднее онлайн time ago see articles above and in the form of a simple скользящее среднее онлайн smoothing it has turned into a technical indicator. The calculation, as usual, is carried out for the last n periods, hence the name moving.

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The basic formula is taken from the exponential smoothing. We just need to determine the initial S and the coefficient. In the case of the exponential moving average everything is very different.

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